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Sexual Assault in the Cannabis Community: Me too, But I Fight Back

It started with a hashtag #MeToo and women all over began recounting stories of sexual assault, and rape. First, it was a few hundred, then a few thousand, and by yesterday it was in the millions. We are not alone. If anything this shows we need to fight back harder than ever before to stop this abhorrent behavior.

On Thursday night, I was at Terp Market Hollywood, as I always am, we help promote the event, as well as help with inside promotions. Before you think to yourself, that I must have been dressed as a booth babe, stop yourself, as I was wearing jeans, a tank top, and my chucks. Even if I was wearing something else, I still would not have deserved to get assaulted. I had just taken photos of the gift bag for the night, to make a flyer to send out, but had no reception or service inside the venue. So I went outside and was going to head towards the back alley, as I had rather do that then go out onto the street, to send the post.

The vendor who was in the spot that blocks the back side of the parking lot, hugged my friend, then did not give me the option to say no, even though I tried to dodge him, and he hugged me anyway. When he pulled away from the hug he ran his hand along my body and grabbed my left breast, and held it for a moment in his hand. My first reaction was sadly not to powerbomb this man through his table, but to walk away quickly before I incited a riot. I walked towards the front of the venue and found one of the promoters of the event.

Immediately the situation was handled. The promoter asked me what I wanted to do, and the last thing I wanted to do was get the police involved, or incite a riot, so I said to make him leave and tell him he isn’t welcome back. I let other vendors and friends know what was going on as well. The man who did this to me claimed he did not remember doing it (less than 5 minutes after) or who I was. He was also DRUNK AS A SKUNK. Despite claiming to not know who I was, as he was packing up his things, he was pointing me out and calling me “The Bitch who got him thrown out”. Well, now he can call me “The Bitch who made sure he was never booked again”.

Do not book Marthas Best Edibles and Medicinals for your event. You are supporting someone who thinks they have the right to sexually assault women. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TOUCH YOUR BODY AND MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. If this man has grabbed your breasts, or butt, as another comrade told me he did to her, please come forward. If you have been sexually assaulted by ANY man in the industry you work in, COME FORWARD. Do not be silent. Prevent other women from facing the same as you did. We must stand together against inappropriate and dangerous behaviors.

Huge shout out, and lots of love for the Terp Market Family, and how they handled the situation, everyone else could learn a lot from them.

Here is a photo of the offender, and his booth. DO NOT LET HIM VEND AT YOUR EVENTS. If I am at an event he is at in the future, I will be making announcements and holding signs in front of his booth that he is a sexual predator. I am not taking this lightly and neither should you.

The owner of Marthas Best Edibles sexually assaulted a female volunteer at Terpmarket LA on 10/19/2017

The owner of Marthas Best Edibles sexually assaulted a female volunteer at Terpmarket LA on 10/19/2017


No Justice No Peace: Kelly Thomas’s Murders Let Free

How the fuck were these violent criminals found not guilty? #JusticeForKellyThomas

How the fuck were these violent criminals found not guilty? #JusticeForKellyThomas

Another case of police brutality goes unpunished as the violent murders of Kelly Thomas were found not guilty in an Orange County court yesterday.

I am completely disgusted with this farce of a “legal system” we have in this country, as I cannot believe that anyone could view this footage and find them not guilty! Trigger warning: This is an extremely violent and brutal beating by the Fullerton Police, be aware before clicking this link!

Tonight over 100 people gathered tonight in solidarity with the Thomas family against the ruling, The LAist Magazine put together a piece on it with photos from live tweeters, and video.

The LA Times reports the FBI is now looking further into the case, as they had already begun to investigate in 2011 as to whether his rights were violated.

There are protests already being planned. Anonymous plans a protest Tues the 14th at 11am at the Fullerton Police Department

We have also heard a community call out for Saturday the 18th at 10AM also at the Fullerton Police Department.

We must demand accountability, because obviously these kangaroo courts are not serving justice.

These monsters need to be held accountable for murders, brutal beatings, and psychological terror they have continued to perpetrate unabated against the people for far too long. Why are they not held accountable to the laws they are supposedly meant to uphold?

We live in a country that fears imaginary “terrorists” yet believe in police who are 100 times more likely to maim or kill you or someone you love. Anyone who supports these people also has blood on their hands.

I urge you to join these protests, as well as every protest for every victim. This is not ok, and our silence is consent! No more killer cops on our streets, or any streets!

RIP Kelly Thomas, we are going to keep fighting for justice.

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