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Fusion Center National Day of Action Norwalk, CA

lapd-spyingToday over a hundred activists, many youth, gathered outside the Los Angeles Fusion Center to protest, as a day of national action against spying done on the people by the police. This is not just an “activist problem”. Students, artists, tourists, and every day people are having “Suspicious Activities Reports (SARs) filed against them for taking pictures, drawing local landmarks, taking videos, walking, doing pretty much anything, or acting in any way an officer may “using his or her judgement” deem “Suspicious”. An alarming number of these SARs are being filed against people of color, specifically targeting the black community.

The follow is video I shot today, from the protest, including speakers and skits. Please share these videos, inform yourself, and every one you come into contact with, about how your rights are violated by those whose jobs are supposedly “To Serve and Protect”. We all know that means capitalism, not the people.

Hours after this protest I learned LASD shot an innocent unarmed man who was trying to help a wounded neighbor out,  and wonder to myself how much more has to happen before more wake up to what the real dangers in the street are. THE POLICE!

To learn more, and to find out how you can get involved go to www.stopLAPDspying.org

And visit them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stoplapdspying


No Justice No Peace: Kelly Thomas’s Murders Let Free

How the fuck were these violent criminals found not guilty? #JusticeForKellyThomas

How the fuck were these violent criminals found not guilty? #JusticeForKellyThomas

Another case of police brutality goes unpunished as the violent murders of Kelly Thomas were found not guilty in an Orange County court yesterday.

I am completely disgusted with this farce of a “legal system” we have in this country, as I cannot believe that anyone could view this footage and find them not guilty! Trigger warning: This is an extremely violent and brutal beating by the Fullerton Police, be aware before clicking this link!

Tonight over 100 people gathered tonight in solidarity with the Thomas family against the ruling, The LAist Magazine put together a piece on it with photos from live tweeters, and video.

The LA Times reports the FBI is now looking further into the case, as they had already begun to investigate in 2011 as to whether his rights were violated.

There are protests already being planned. Anonymous plans a protest Tues the 14th at 11am at the Fullerton Police Department https://www.facebook.com/events/607232352658522

We have also heard a community call out for Saturday the 18th at 10AM also at the Fullerton Police Department.

We must demand accountability, because obviously these kangaroo courts are not serving justice.

These monsters need to be held accountable for murders, brutal beatings, and psychological terror they have continued to perpetrate unabated against the people for far too long. Why are they not held accountable to the laws they are supposedly meant to uphold?

We live in a country that fears imaginary “terrorists” yet believe in police who are 100 times more likely to maim or kill you or someone you love. Anyone who supports these people also has blood on their hands.

I urge you to join these protests, as well as every protest for every victim. This is not ok, and our silence is consent! No more killer cops on our streets, or any streets!

RIP Kelly Thomas, we are going to keep fighting for justice.

Is Evolve Society just another front for the NSA?

Been doing some investigative journalism, My story isnt complete, but wanted to share some of my findings.

Another streamer posted to join “Evolve society” so I educated him, as well as myself.

Here is some info I found.

Evolve society This is David Degraws website. the guy who claims he founded occupy. The guy who wont answer any questions, and has involvement with nothing but coopters, democrats, and BS artists.

They arent selling it, but I bet they are giving a direct backdoor into all of it. This man and everyone hes been involved with are shady fucks. But sure jump on the bandwagon, cause he founded occupy wall street, and goes on speaking engagements announcing himself as such!

Yes I know him in person. Yes I have seen the shady dealings around this site, as well as multiple other projects he has had his hands in, all tying back to DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUPERPACKS!

Did I mention when he was ran out of NY he moved here to LA, when OLA members called him on his BS, he disapeared to all of a sudden have this site done, and working with the reformist white priveledge sector. Plus this site is being heavily promoted by provacatuers from across the country.

No profit? yeah right, it hasnt been “rolled out” yet.


Plans on selling memberships? REALLY????

Then I find plans on Paying people? “Throughout the network, you’ll notice the beginnings of an action-based point system called EvolveCurrency. Unlike the plantation model, which sells you for someone else’s profit, we think that the more people take action and participate in your efforts, the more money you should make. We’re developing EvolveCurrency to financially reward members for multiple outcomes: for creating community-enhancing content, for members sharing and/or commenting on your posts, for when they participate in your projects, and more.” https://evolvesociety.org/network/index.php?do=%2Fabout%2F

On their host, does not have the same privacy policy: “How we Disclose Customer Information and Web Site Information

We may disclose Customer Information and Web Site Information in the following circumstances, with, or without, your knowledge and/or approval:

To a governmental entity, an agent acting on behalf of a governmental entity, a law enforcement agency, or an individual or entity acting under the color of law; To a quasi-governmental organization administering the Internet; To domain name registrars; To HopOne’s parent companies or subsidiaries; To your agents, or individuals or entities who, based on HopOne’s reasonable belief, are acting as your agent; To a debt collection agency; Internally, to administer your account, determine the effectiveness of our programs and services, and to optimize and improve our services, web sites and network; and/or To a company or individual employed by HopOne, or acting as our agent, to perform functions related to your account.

HopOne generally asks that Customer Information or Web Site Information disclosed to a third party be kept confidential. However, HopOne cannot control the third party use of the information set out in 3 a-e above.”

http://www.hopone.net/privacy-policy.php Which is a subsidary of “superbServers” whos claim to fame is:

“Our coast-to-coast IP backbone and multiple data centres provide service to performance-sensitive financial institutions and government agencies.”

This is nice. Haralds Jass who runs it, has been known to sue former employees, while the former VP abuses them… http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1031847

And the other VP? Oh he “used to” work for the federal government http://www.hostreview.com/interview/superb.html Mpre: http://www.thewhir.com/…/curtis-named-nemediasoft-sales

They sound no better than facebook if you actually know how the internets work.

On futher investigation this is what I have come up with:

They also hosted syrian government sites: https://citizenlab.org/…/the-canadian-connection-one…
The Canadian Connection: One Year Later

Streamers: Promoting Safe Streaming Practices

Right now we are in the midst of an information war. Mass media ignores us, and only covers what they are told to. Instead of seeing the truth behind the stories, you only see their twisted, PC, version of some kind of alternate reality. During protests the media has always skewed the perspective of the piece based on who is writing it, who is paying for it, and who the target audience is. Journalism is dead, as its all being turned into a production rather than just straight facts.

Citizens of the globe have always depended on the “News” and mainstream media outlets to provide this to them. The price paid is being subjected to commercials, advertising, and mis-stated opinions as fact, and thats just in the news report! Right now all that is changing, as we now have the technology to bring you the news LIVE, as its happening, right from our hands. Smart phone technologies have given us for the first time, a direct uncut, unedited, look into the news as it really is.

With this new technology there comes even greater responsibility. When you pick up a cell phone, turn on your stream and point it at the crowd, you are showing the world real time what is happening around you. This means, much like the mainstream media, the commentary a streamer gives their audience can also distort the perspective of the viewers. The viewers rely on streamers in the same way many people have relied on their nightly news team for generations. They deem the information they are receiving as accurate. It is the responsibility of the streamer to be conscious of how what they are filming can be perceived, and that they are not UN-intentionally incriminating protesters around them, or could be misconstrued to do such.

Everyday the police seem to find some way to bend a law to use against civil protesters. Whether it be using “Felony Lynching” against protesters who are accused of nothing more than pulling their comrades from harms way, to threatening protesters with arrest for disturbing a “planned meeting”, or simply arresting people who have done nothing, on falsified charges that are trumped up and seem completely irrational. Streamers play a very important part in this, we are learning, as recently one streamers footage was used against her own friends.

The question is; how do we stop this from happening? We have to be aware of our surroundings while streaming especially, as it is unedited, RAW, live feed to anyone watching. There is no editing footage, there is no protection, so the only thing we can do is watch what we film! If you are filming police standing off with protesters, be on the front lines, film the police, especially when they arrest or attack people. But also be aware of those around you. Protesters cover their faces for good reason, as the police are filming us as we film them. If you know someones name, but they are “blocked up” don’t use it! In fact, they probably do not want you to even stream them, so your best bet is not to even turn your camera toward them unless you know it is ok with them. Speak to those around you!

We need to make sure the other protesters around us know we are filming, as we are a strong ally. Our cameras are the weapons in the information war. We cannot allow them to be silenced. We need to remind our peers that that mainstream media is far more dangerous than streamers from your occupation. Instead we need to protect the streamers from police violence, while allowing them a safe place front and center to capture the crimes against the citizens of this planet. We cannot allow our media to be “controlled” by outside forces any longer, as they do not have our best interests in mind.

Every streamer should be responsible to practice safe filming techniques, and study them, and share them with other streamers. We need to hold those who put others in danger accountable, not through threats of violence, but by discussing the actions with them that put people in danger. If they fail to understand these discussions, which should be had in person, then discussion topics should be brought up at the General Assembly’s about it. This type of real time media coverage should not be stifled. It needs to be utilized, and progressed into the tool it really is. Only through streaming have I been able to follow what is going on at occupations throughout the world. I ask that everyone thinks about how streaming could change to benefit everyone. I ask that you meet with your local streamers, and discuss concerns in person, as it is the only way we can work together to provide a more realistic picture to the public of what exactly is going on. They rely on us to do so!

to watch my stream visit: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/savagetruth
follow me on twitter to see when I go live: http://twitter.com/lizsavage

Ending Selective Censorship

There are so many lies and misinformation being spread. The propaganda and programming affects us all on some level, and makes us complacent. This needs to end. The time for direct action is here. The problem is you need to pick and choose your battles wisely. Tearing down a fence to save people from getting tear gassed, shot, and beaten, then arrested is a amazingly powerful action. Taking down a fence because you are locked off city hall lawn seems futile as they will just put the fence back up, and we still do not have a “home”.

Since back in September when Occupy Wall Street got started, we have been presented by way of the Internet, (because main stream media isn’t allow to show it) images of extreme brutality against the people of the United States. This isn’t being done by some foreign invaders, but by the ones who are sworn to “Protect and Serve”. That leaves the question many protesters tend to ask the officers, “WHO DO YOU SERVE?” This extreme show of force is against protesters who peacefully stood up for their rights. These people were not throwing rocks, threatening violence, or anything of the sort. They were students, children, grandparents, religious leaders, judges, lawyers, and people of all races and cultures.

So now we are starting to see a divide. There are people who are talking about diversity of tactics, because they feel they can’t sit back and watch the violence on the people unfold. There are people who feel we should not fight back, or even have an offensive game plan, but at the same time, have never been in a violent conflict with police. Then you have the people who either have their own agenda, or an agenda they are being paid to carry out, which could actually put everyone in danger. Those are the people to watch out for, and they aren’t always a 6′ man in blackbloc attire.

What is Blackblock you ask? In my opinion it is different things to different people. There are the Blackblock Protesters, who are pretty much there to protect other protesters, draw attention to themselves to keep others from being targeted, or to create a diversion. There are blackbloc who work solely alone, under their own agenda, and do not care about the happenings, or many time the people around them. You also have the fake block in there, people who dress all in black, and are throwing things like cowards behind others, are not putting themselves at risk, but everyone around them instead. Those people are usually nihilists, and care about nothing but themselves. And last but not least, you have the Police/Feds who dress in Blackbloc, to incite rioting, break shit, and get others to follow. I am not saying everyone who breaks shit at a protest is a cop, but there is a good chance they may be.

I saw videos from Oakland, where the breaking of windows, and smashing of fences on their general strike day, were not led by protesters, but by strangers in black, who mysteriously were allowed out of a kettle, right through police lines. I was there on J28, where the Blackbloc used shields to protect the crowd from tear gas, less lethal rounds and flash grenades. If they didn’t stand at the front lines, and throw a little civil disobedience at the officers, many many people would have been hurt that day. If they hadn’t torn down the fences, a lot more than 400 people would have been arrested, beaten, and tear gassed that day.

We have to look at this situation by situation. We have to look at the amount of force being used against us, and I am sure most of us can agree that it is unjust. But when it is unjust, there seems to be no way of actually stopping this from occurring, as they will not arrest abusive officers. These abusers, MUST BE held accountable. The other day we were attempting to go to a public press conference, and very violently confronted by California Highway Patrol. They said we were not the public. We could not go into the press conference. Since when are the people not the public? Do you see a pattern here?

We have no rights. We cannot sit back and “Talk about it” because talking about it, is not helping anything. We need to start to fight the oppression of all human beings, of all peoples, and we can’t do it while arguing over the color of solidarity bracelets. Its time to get our priorities in order, its time to educate ourselves as to what is going on, and how we can stop it. We need to fight back, and fight for ourselves, but assuming we do, we need to be accountable for our own actions in doing so. Snatching your friends from the police does not make you seem “bad” in the eyes of the peaceful, but throwing a rock at an officer certainly does. Pick your battles, protect your comrades, whether they believe in you at that moment or not. And never bring violence upon the people, we must protect against it, not create it.

To all those on the front lines of J28, I love you guys. To all those who talk shit, and propose actions to make protesters seem violent, I have NEVER seen you on the front lines yourselves. All eyes are on you, waiting for you to make a move, as it seems right now your are not down for the cause, just down to put some of our best people in harms way. I am not cool with that, and neither should anyone else be. If you are not putting yourself at risk, but you feel free to coerce people into doing things that are potentially dangerous, it really makes me wonder, whose side you are on, and Who do you work for?

Thanks for reading my little rant. The US is becoming a police state before our very eyes. In order to get people to join us, to believe we can do this together, we need them to turn off the TV, and stop being fed lies. The mainstream media has put the spin on the protesters, rather than the violence being perpetrated by the police and other agencies. This needs to stop, and the record needs to be set straight. Unfortunately too many are still being “programmed” by the system. Its time to unplug them one by one.

Freedom of Press: Where did it go?

I have been occupying since October 1st 2011. Today is January 4th, and I sit here today feeling very uneasy. Just yesterday Global Revolution was arrested. They were arrested after being illegally evicted by the NYPD and the NYC housing authority.

OWS Media Team Evicted and Arrested 1/3/2012

Why am I so bothered by this? Well first off I am one of our Livestream Producers, second, I am also our content manager for the website, and a member of the OLA Social Media Team. People know me, know who I am, and with my current housing situation, I feel as if I am the perfect target.

I am not the only member of the media team here in LA feeling a bit frazzled by this whole experience. I have spoken to a few others, and read a few emails this morning, that seem to show many of us are a little frightened, to say the least, by the recent signing of the NDAA, and the eviction, property destruction, and arrests of Global Revolution.

“But we aren’t doing anything wrong,” words I hear again and again, and also have been known to repeat over and over as if it were some sort of mantra. I really wish it was, as we are not doing anything illegal. All the Occupy media has been doing is reporting on what mainstream media has not, and generally will not.

Our media has been getting the voices of the people out there, some being heard for the very first time, many speaking from the heart, in a way they never thought they could, whether it be through spoken word, written word, music, or other forms of artistic expression. We have helped to inspire many to speak out against the injustices they have faced, we have worked hard to help show the rest of the 99% we are not what the MSM makes us to be in the public eye.

So today I sit here and wonder, what has this nation has become if the independent media is now being silenced, by means of force, for doing nothing more than reporting on what is really happening? When did “Freedom of Press” change to only apply to corporate controlled and funded media outlets?

The Main Stream Media is paid to show what their bosses want them to, and many times paint a very ugly, out of context, if not completely fabricated picture of any story that is not on the side of the corporate powers that control them. But they aren’t paid very well to do this, so why do they continue this cycle of madness?

I am not paid by anyone for my media contributions, even though I tend to work 12-16 hours a day working on the website, answering phone calls, and emails, updating social media, attending meetings, finding places for homeless occupiers to stay, coordinating with other committees, affinities, and friends of the movement to try and keep this moving forward.

I am not going to lie and say its been easy, as in some way, shape or form we have been under an attack since the very beginning. Whether it be verbal, physical, or emotional, there have been constant attacks on those who disseminate information to the masses. There have been people who have come in specifically paid to create dissension, mis-trust, and drive apart our community.

We have already found out two of those people, one who was paid by US Bank to come harass us, and she did quite the job at it. She slowed her role after we found out who she really was, and that she was getting paid to create unrest. There was another, who may not have been paid, but seems to have worked for similar benefactor types, to attempt to distract from and derail what we have been doing.

Those are just two examples, and as we move forward, and now have the time without a physical occupation, to really look at who the loudest, most distracting people are, and find out a little more about who is paying them to distract us from our goals. There are various national affinity groups working toward this, as they can see that this can destroy our movement.

I speak of this because I want to raise awareness. The media teams involved in occupations all across the country are made up by professionals who are under or un-employed. Many of us work endlessly and our efforts are being suppressed, or distracted from. Whether is be one issue, or another, or tireless email threads of nothing but nonsense, its to try to take our focus away.

And now we have moved on from taking focus, to straight up intimidation, and false arrests. What Global Revolution faced, is only the beginning of injustices to come. If we do not share these stories, we are allowing it to just happen, the suppression of independent media will only grow.

Its time to arm yourselves, but the weapons of this revolution are different. They are 3 and 4G phones, they are laptops, flip cameras, still cameras, and crappy camera phones. We need to be ready at all times, to record what is happening around us, get each others voices heard, and hold the MSM, and those who try to silence our voices accountable for what they are doing. We cannot just sit back and allow ourselves, our friends, our family to just be “disappeared.”

I write this knowing I am probably saying too much, but in my opinion I have held back too much for far too long. And so have all of you. Don’t be silenced. Make your voice heard, help your friends, family and neighbors be heard as well. The fight to have our voices heard has already become a battle, or as some say an “Info War.”

The facts are our tweets get deleted, our friends get unfollowed, Youtube videos disappear into thin air, is only the tip of the iceberg, and with SOPA about to get passed, it will get a lot worse.

Please don’t allow us to be silenced. Fight for what is right, speak out for your brothers and sisters, or eventually there will be no one to left to speak on your behalf, when they come for you.

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