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Wow what a ride…

So this is going to be my new blog. My life is a constant journey, a mystical adventure of many people places and things. My life tends to bring me to see the grittier side of reality, something many around me even in my day-to-day travels cannot comprehend.

I have a lot of opinions and passions and long ago in a land far away called my teenage years I used to consistently write about what I saw and how it made me feel. What happened to those books is a mystery, they were full of amazing poetry, crazy teenage emotion, and a lot of good times, as they were also journals and notes passed around by friends, a moment captured in time.

Now is a chance to capture this once more. Since coming out here to California I have been slapped with so many truths, realities and oddities, and things that just make sense if you think about them.

I don’t know where to begin on what I have done since I have been out here, in this blog I will talk about just about everything from the homeless, police injustice, marijuana legalization, people acting like sheep, and anything else that may cross my mind.

I am not one of those people who believes everything I hear, but sometimes, you do have to believe what you see. And how much of what you see is doctored? Ask yourselves what kind of media are you exposed to and who controls it? What do you really know about the world around you? Don’t you figure its time to wake up, and get a grasp on reality before your Country is gone, along with the rights and freedoms it was founded upon? Or are you just going to keep watching tv, and let them make the decisions for you? You, see it is called programming for a reason. I know, its hard to believe, but see my goal here is to help unravel it for you, So you see things the way I do and can understand the gravity of the reality we have built. Its time to wake up and speak up. I just hope it’s not too late.


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