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No H.O.M.E. For Nazis in Beverly Hills

No one should talk to Nazis!

Anti Social Media

"No Platform" Means No! “No Platform” Means No!

There has been a long-running, “low-grade street war” against the neo-fascist Golden Dawn in Greece. In the Ukraine’s ongoing Euromaidan demos, it is said that neo-fascists “make up about 30% of protesters.” President Nicholas Madura recently invoked the specter of fascism to describe the opposition in Venezuela. And in October, Raw Story reported that Golden Dawn had even opened a chapter here in Los Angeles. Antifascist forces take all of these developments very seriously.

From as far afield as Greece and Venezuela to even our own backyard here in Los Angeles, what these neofascist groups share – and as a coalition in 2010 initiated by ARA-LA and the Black Riders Liberation Party succinctly pointed out – are their varying stages on a shared quest for their own, political legitimacy:

“open fascist forces seek political legitimacy. They want greater influence within white nationalist, reactionary social…

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