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Streamers: Promoting Safe Streaming Practices

Right now we are in the midst of an information war. Mass media ignores us, and only covers what they are told to. Instead of seeing the truth behind the stories, you only see their twisted, PC, version of some kind of alternate reality. During protests the media has always skewed the perspective of the piece based on who is writing it, who is paying for it, and who the target audience is. Journalism is dead, as its all being turned into a production rather than just straight facts.

Citizens of the globe have always depended on the “News” and mainstream media outlets to provide this to them. The price paid is being subjected to commercials, advertising, and mis-stated opinions as fact, and thats just in the news report! Right now all that is changing, as we now have the technology to bring you the news LIVE, as its happening, right from our hands. Smart phone technologies have given us for the first time, a direct uncut, unedited, look into the news as it really is.

With this new technology there comes even greater responsibility. When you pick up a cell phone, turn on your stream and point it at the crowd, you are showing the world real time what is happening around you. This means, much like the mainstream media, the commentary a streamer gives their audience can also distort the perspective of the viewers. The viewers rely on streamers in the same way many people have relied on their nightly news team for generations. They deem the information they are receiving as accurate. It is the responsibility of the streamer to be conscious of how what they are filming can be perceived, and that they are not UN-intentionally incriminating protesters around them, or could be misconstrued to do such.

Everyday the police seem to find some way to bend a law to use against civil protesters. Whether it be using “Felony Lynching” against protesters who are accused of nothing more than pulling their comrades from harms way, to threatening protesters with arrest for disturbing a “planned meeting”, or simply arresting people who have done nothing, on falsified charges that are trumped up and seem completely irrational. Streamers play a very important part in this, we are learning, as recently one streamers footage was used against her own friends.

The question is; how do we stop this from happening? We have to be aware of our surroundings while streaming especially, as it is unedited, RAW, live feed to anyone watching. There is no editing footage, there is no protection, so the only thing we can do is watch what we film! If you are filming police standing off with protesters, be on the front lines, film the police, especially when they arrest or attack people. But also be aware of those around you. Protesters cover their faces for good reason, as the police are filming us as we film them. If you know someones name, but they are “blocked up” don’t use it! In fact, they probably do not want you to even stream them, so your best bet is not to even turn your camera toward them unless you know it is ok with them. Speak to those around you!

We need to make sure the other protesters around us know we are filming, as we are a strong ally. Our cameras are the weapons in the information war. We cannot allow them to be silenced. We need to remind our peers that that mainstream media is far more dangerous than streamers from your occupation. Instead we need to protect the streamers from police violence, while allowing them a safe place front and center to capture the crimes against the citizens of this planet. We cannot allow our media to be “controlled” by outside forces any longer, as they do not have our best interests in mind.

Every streamer should be responsible to practice safe filming techniques, and study them, and share them with other streamers. We need to hold those who put others in danger accountable, not through threats of violence, but by discussing the actions with them that put people in danger. If they fail to understand these discussions, which should be had in person, then discussion topics should be brought up at the General Assembly’s about it. This type of real time media coverage should not be stifled. It needs to be utilized, and progressed into the tool it really is. Only through streaming have I been able to follow what is going on at occupations throughout the world. I ask that everyone thinks about how streaming could change to benefit everyone. I ask that you meet with your local streamers, and discuss concerns in person, as it is the only way we can work together to provide a more realistic picture to the public of what exactly is going on. They rely on us to do so!

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Police Brutality is on the Rise Nationwide

This past weekend here in Los Angeles, we joined together to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. It was terrible weather, we had a easy up hosting our welcome/food tent with literature and vegan chili, we had a tent with our peoples print lab being set up to screen print shirts, and a few other tents randomly set back against the fence. We were not blocking any walk ways, in fact DTLA is pretty quiet on weekends.

A officer entered, and was walking through the crowd shoulder checking everyone in his path, including myself. He was not a small man. He had stripes, as did many of the officers who later came to riot on us.

Someone climbed the fence into the small concrete park behind us, to get a drink from the drinking fountain. Not a great idea granted, but only a ticketing offense. They came on in force at that time, attacked the person who climbed the fence and all the protestors around him.

The following video shows a good portion of what happened that day. The arrests, our reactions, and the reality that peaceful protestors are being rioted upon by the police.

The world around us is quickly turning into a police state. We the citizens of planet earth are being controlled, or beat into submission. The people facilitating these beatings, have yet to realize the ones they serve do not serve them, they use them as nothing more than an expendable private army.

Another video I would like everyone to watch talks about this violence perpetrated upon the people. It shows clearly that you do not need to be breaking the law to be the victim of police brutality. Sadly I know this first hand. Please check out this video, and share it with everyone you know.

I have footage from M17 and also M19 where we were assaulted by the police. M19 was a rally against Police oppression. They targeted certain people and beat the rest of the people. Are we not to stand up to this? Are we not to defend ourselves with non violent tactics? Are we supposed to stop protesting and hide in our homes? Hell no. Get up, get out there and see first hand what the police in your community are doing. They won’t police themselves so we need to start watching them, and protecting ourselves and each other.

Protect your rights any means possible!

Here is a news story (with video!) from CNN about how a man in Atlanta had his phone taken, images deleted, and was assaulted by the police for recording them with his cell phone. The judge found it is perfectly within a citizens rights to record a cop in public view. I am happy to know we still have judges on the bench who are willing to protect our rights!

Where I come from we don’t fear cops. They are our family, friends, and neighbors. However in cities and as a ever growing trend it seems like from some reason many police officers see it as “Its us against them”. When did this become more important than “To serve and protect”?

I say change their minds about us. When you see an officer smile and say thank you. At least it will remind them we are all people.

And if you see someone’s rights being violated record it as someday that person may be you. We are letting our rights be taken away every day, don’t let the right to prove yourself or someone you love innocent be one of them!

We have already given up the right to no unwarranted search and seizure because of the patriot act, which in turn also kills your fifth amendment right to not incriminate yourself.

Now they are going after the right to bear arms. Those dangerous gun nuts might get us! Well what about those people who use guns to feed and protect their families? Taking away guns will alleviate violent crime as well as the war on drugs stopped drug use in america. Really all this will do is take guns out of the hands of responsible people who know how to use them.

So I ask that you protect the rights we still have and fight to get back the ones we have lost. Its time to WAKE UP!

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