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Not Your Mom’s Trans 101

Rarely do I ever reblog, but this one is really special, and needs to be shared.

Solidarity with all Trans Folk, and the struggle to be allowed to be and fully express who they are, with no judgement.


Is Evolve Society just another front for the NSA?

Been doing some investigative journalism, My story isnt complete, but wanted to share some of my findings.

Another streamer posted to join “Evolve society” so I educated him, as well as myself.

Here is some info I found.

Evolve society This is David Degraws website. the guy who claims he founded occupy. The guy who wont answer any questions, and has involvement with nothing but coopters, democrats, and BS artists.

They arent selling it, but I bet they are giving a direct backdoor into all of it. This man and everyone hes been involved with are shady fucks. But sure jump on the bandwagon, cause he founded occupy wall street, and goes on speaking engagements announcing himself as such!

Yes I know him in person. Yes I have seen the shady dealings around this site, as well as multiple other projects he has had his hands in, all tying back to DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUPERPACKS!

Did I mention when he was ran out of NY he moved here to LA, when OLA members called him on his BS, he disapeared to all of a sudden have this site done, and working with the reformist white priveledge sector. Plus this site is being heavily promoted by provacatuers from across the country.

No profit? yeah right, it hasnt been “rolled out” yet.

Plans on selling memberships? REALLY????

Then I find plans on Paying people? “Throughout the network, you’ll notice the beginnings of an action-based point system called EvolveCurrency. Unlike the plantation model, which sells you for someone else’s profit, we think that the more people take action and participate in your efforts, the more money you should make. We’re developing EvolveCurrency to financially reward members for multiple outcomes: for creating community-enhancing content, for members sharing and/or commenting on your posts, for when they participate in your projects, and more.”

On their host, does not have the same privacy policy: “How we Disclose Customer Information and Web Site Information

We may disclose Customer Information and Web Site Information in the following circumstances, with, or without, your knowledge and/or approval:

To a governmental entity, an agent acting on behalf of a governmental entity, a law enforcement agency, or an individual or entity acting under the color of law; To a quasi-governmental organization administering the Internet; To domain name registrars; To HopOne’s parent companies or subsidiaries; To your agents, or individuals or entities who, based on HopOne’s reasonable belief, are acting as your agent; To a debt collection agency; Internally, to administer your account, determine the effectiveness of our programs and services, and to optimize and improve our services, web sites and network; and/or To a company or individual employed by HopOne, or acting as our agent, to perform functions related to your account.

HopOne generally asks that Customer Information or Web Site Information disclosed to a third party be kept confidential. However, HopOne cannot control the third party use of the information set out in 3 a-e above.” Which is a subsidary of “superbServers” whos claim to fame is:

“Our coast-to-coast IP backbone and multiple data centres provide service to performance-sensitive financial institutions and government agencies.”

This is nice. Haralds Jass who runs it, has been known to sue former employees, while the former VP abuses them…

And the other VP? Oh he “used to” work for the federal government Mpre:…/curtis-named-nemediasoft-sales

They sound no better than facebook if you actually know how the internets work.

On futher investigation this is what I have come up with:

They also hosted syrian government sites:…/the-canadian-connection-one…
The Canadian Connection: One Year Later

Chinatown Wal-Mart Strike and Civil Disobedience

Today I attended the Chinatown Wal-Mart strike here in Los Angeles. This was far from the first civil disobedience I have filmed or witnessed in person, but today’s “show” was by far the most memorable. The reasons are not those which you may assume.

Todays civil disobedience involved not only striking Wal-Mart employees but union members from the local teamsters union, the clean car wash campaign, and others.

This was the largest civil disobedience in Wal-Marts 51 year history. It was also by far the greatest “show of force” at a planned CD, by LAPD.

54 people getting arrested, we expect 2 cops for each person, as that is how LAPD tends to roll, no one expected the 200+ officers that showed up in tactical gear, with extra long batons, tear gas, and “less lethal rounds”.

Before the police moved in to make their arrests, two lines, of about 20 officers each came and lined both sides of the street, guns ready. I wondered to myself if the police forgot they were working with the union, and this was a peaceful CD, with no locks or devices.

What the hell made them show this kind of force?

I was unable to stream. When I arrived there, I spent 15 minutes trying to log onto ustream. It kept telling me it couldnt make a connection, so I filmed with my cell, and took photos instead. When the police truck left, ustream suddenly worked again.  This is far from the first time this has happened at a place where I know I have reception, and should have no issue streaming.

You can tell me all you want the LAPD can’t block data and I will tell you, you are completely wrong. The LAPD uses a device called the “STINGRAY” which effectively disturbs transmissions by intercepting them. So if you used your cell at the protest today, LAPD knows who you called, and how long you spoke, and could have listened in, or even read your text messages.
While I filmed, I uploaded to Youtube as I clipped it, which for the size of the clips, should have taken moments, but took much much longer. This is another sign they are messing with data networks, which is ILLEGAL. Wiretapping laws, and FCC rules are supposed to protect us from this.

So what was this show of force by LAPD supposed to do? Intimidate people on behalf of Wal-Mart? Because that is certainly what it felt like.

So here are my videos and photos from the protest! Enjoy!

Power of the people:

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