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What is this day about?

Thanksgiving is a strange holiday to me. We are brought up thinking its this wonderful celebration of how the awesome native americans (indians) helped the pilgrims to learn the ways of the land, and farm, and what to grow, and how to hunt. We are told it is to be thankful for the wonderful harvest.


Ok well this holiday is BULLSHIT.


The pilgrims and indians did not play so well, the pilgrims killed the indians, raped them, or just spread disease and killed them off that way.

The harvest was not bountiful, as many of the initial pilgrims died because lack of food, and terrible conditions, they simply were not prepared.

The textbooks we read in school paint a pretty picture, why is this? Why are we taught so many lies and made to believe them as truth? History is taught to us as they want us to believe and perceive it. The ethocentric viewpoint we are taught of world history is one that makes me question more and more what is really going on, and has gone on in the world.

As far as a harvest goes… I know how to grow my own food. I am capable of getting myself through a winter, and survival. I am thankful for that.


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