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Violent arrests, less lethal rounds, and teargas, in response to sidewalk chalk!



Words can’t even explain what down town Los Angeles was subjected to last night. It all started with some sidewalk chalk.

Prior to artwalk we had has 11 arrests in two weeks for chalking, and near 20 in the past month. Last night there were 11 arrests for chalking. The only person arrested from occupy was the first person who was arrested for chalking.

LAPD responded to the chalk with 60+ officers. Some people who were arrested for chalking last night did it in spite of watching others get grabbed around them. They were not occupiers, but they could see the tyranny and were not going to stand for it.

As the arrests grew, so did the police presence. As the police presence grew so did the crowd around them of angry bystanders who had seen people being arrested for chalking on the sidewalk, or who had themselves been shoved by the very aggressive police.

The main stream media is blaming occupy, saying LAPD was standing off with occupiers. That is false. In fact, many occupiers left after the first arrest, and headed to a fund raiser we were holding nearby. The people who were attacked by LAPD at artwalk were just the residents and visitors of Los Angeles.

Around 9:40 PM LAPD mobilized around 150 officers at 5th and Spring Streets. By then there were only a few occupiers, mostly media such as myself, and hundreds of angry LA residents. When the police mobilized so did the people, and they took the street. My estimate is the crowd was about 1200-1500 people. The police then violently arrested a small woman who dared to chalk a stick figure on the sidewalk. When the crowd saw this, they reacted.

Shots were fired, 40mm foam grenades, pepperspray rounds, and teargas, as they split the crowd in 3 to drive us away. Most of the people dispersed. Quite a few were injured by batons, and less lethal rounds. When I left there were maybe 20 people standing off with police, and about 100-200 in the bars, or watching from windows and balconies.

The entire scene was surreal. And it all started over washable sidewalk chalk. The most ironic part is there was light rain, and the chalk was washing away before the arrestees were even booked.

To watch what happened visit my ustream: it is in parts, as the police seemed to be using signal jamming technology as well.

Don’t believe or spread the lies main stream media are telling. Let the truth be known, that we live in a fascist police state, and we need to stand up for our rights before we have none at all.


Threats from a wanna be ANON

So yesterday I did something not unfamiliar to my character, I called this woman the fuck out. She likes to go by “Mina” or Anonymousbelle” and she is stepping on the wrong persons toes.

This woman claims to be “Anonymous” and had been involved with Occupy Whittier, where she filmed the occupiers there and tried to turn “ANONS” on them, after demanding them put Anonymous on a banner, and they said no, this was their banner.There is a video of it on her youtube linked below.

The puts peoples full names online, and has apparently sent out their personal info and had them threatened. This is all BULLSHIT. If anyone is DOXing people based on her BULLSHIT LIES they need to check themselves.

I called her out last night at the OLA Ideas Assembly. I made her cry, crocodile tears, all just a show. She has no remorse for what she has done to Occupy Whitter and blames them.

This morning I received this email from her… She also blocked my other account, but i found her profile through my main facebook. Her FB is: is what she sent to my personal page:

Just to let you know you little kunnt I got everything that you did to me recorded, and not by my computer, or my equipment. An Anonymous friend of mine happened to be there. If you ever fawk with me again, I will take what I have and make a viral video DOXing you! DON’T FAWK WITH THE HIVE B!TCH

She sent the following message to someone from Occupy Whittier:

I don’t know who did it, or why, and I don’t care what the excuses are, but this fawking sh!t needs to STOP!!! Somebody who I don’t even know, and never even met in my life came after me today on a megaphone at Occupy Los Angeles. She not only verbally assaulted me, but tried to physically assault me as well. She said that she was sent by Occupy Whittier to come after me. It took 3 grown men to hold her back from attacking me. I left Occupy Whittier to get away from this drama. If this continues, I won’t peacefully sit back anymore, I will do what is in my legal rights to defend myself. There is also no law against DOXing people in the state of California. I will not go after the innocent, only the guilty who are responsible for having a complete stranger come after me to have me physically assaulted

These are LIES. I never assaulted her or even attempted to. She wants to point fingers and make up lies? I dont have to LIE. TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA. And the truth will be discovered. You threaten to DOX me? My name and face and info is all over the fucking internet already, its not really a tough find. Your name, and info are going to be a lot of fun to share. I promise you that.

Stop filming occupiers, stop putting us in danger. Your not an occupier and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and running around telling everyone your an “ANON” does not make you one, and will never make you one, it just makes you an idiot in a mask.

Her twitter:!/Anon_Mina_5051

Her Ustream:

Her youtube:

If anyone would like to let me know her real info, it would be great. We have photos on the way, of her without her mask, as soon as I get them, they will also be posted in this blog.

I will not stand for people who push their agendas, abuse us, or try to play bullshit games. There is not time for this, we need to keep cancers like this away from us.

People like her give the real ANONS out there a bad image. Remember, much like fight club, you don’t talk about being an ANON.

I support REAL ANONS and their quest to reveal truth.

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