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Police Brutality is on the Rise Nationwide

This past weekend here in Los Angeles, we joined together to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. It was terrible weather, we had a easy up hosting our welcome/food tent with literature and vegan chili, we had a tent with our peoples print lab being set up to screen print shirts, and a few other tents randomly set back against the fence. We were not blocking any walk ways, in fact DTLA is pretty quiet on weekends.

A officer entered, and was walking through the crowd shoulder checking everyone in his path, including myself. He was not a small man. He had stripes, as did many of the officers who later came to riot on us.

Someone climbed the fence into the small concrete park behind us, to get a drink from the drinking fountain. Not a great idea granted, but only a ticketing offense. They came on in force at that time, attacked the person who climbed the fence and all the protestors around him.

The following video shows a good portion of what happened that day. The arrests, our reactions, and the reality that peaceful protestors are being rioted upon by the police.

The world around us is quickly turning into a police state. We the citizens of planet earth are being controlled, or beat into submission. The people facilitating these beatings, have yet to realize the ones they serve do not serve them, they use them as nothing more than an expendable private army.

Another video I would like everyone to watch talks about this violence perpetrated upon the people. It shows clearly that you do not need to be breaking the law to be the victim of police brutality. Sadly I know this first hand. Please check out this video, and share it with everyone you know.

I have footage from M17 and also M19 where we were assaulted by the police. M19 was a rally against Police oppression. They targeted certain people and beat the rest of the people. Are we not to stand up to this? Are we not to defend ourselves with non violent tactics? Are we supposed to stop protesting and hide in our homes? Hell no. Get up, get out there and see first hand what the police in your community are doing. They won’t police themselves so we need to start watching them, and protecting ourselves and each other.


Healthcare: My Battle for Sanity

Every month I go through a total upheaval of my thoughts and emotions. Some months aren’t as crazy as others but this month is already turning out to be hell.

I have PMDD which causes my body to adversely react to the hormonal changes my body faces on a monthly basis. I suffer from extreme pain in my back and abdomen, headaches, mood swings, anxiety attacks, and I break out in random bouts of tears at the drop of a hat.

It has always caused issues in my life. I end up taking things out on the wrong people in the heat of the moment. My responses to things are not easily controlled either. And on top of it, my reactions make me feel even worse about myself and my condition.

I do not qualify for assistance, and have no insurance. Many insurances do not cover these health issues either. For almost a year I was on medication for this issue. I was lucky enough the clinic I went to could sample me meds. When they stopped I was left in the cold, as my meds cost a few hundred dollars.

What in this situation can I do to help myself? Why is it people cannot get access to medicine and services they need to function, or even live.

In the big picture my problems are small in comparison to others who also lack access to health care. We need to realize that many many people would be able to better function for themselves and society had they been able to receive what they need.

The damage in my life has been done. Even today I think I lost a friend due to my over-reaction to a situation. I don’t know how or if I can fix it. And its impossible for most others to understand why it happens, or that I can’t control chemical responses in my brain.

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