Beat Down By Non Violent Opposition


An old way I used to get over writers block was just by writing. By either hand-written or typed flow of whatever comes to mind. Unfortunately so much comes to mind I often do not know where to focus my energies. Tonight its on “non violence” and recent musings.

All around the world revolutions are happening, yet here in the US, we get very little news of this, relying on broken info from MSM and foreign government-run media sources. Occasionally we luck out with citizen journalists who are live streaming, tweeting, or just simply uploading to youtube. This has been vital to show how slanted media coverage is, and how vague the coverage and knowledge of these uprisings are. The main reason for this; they don’t want you to know, because they don’t want to you get any ideas.

There has been a long-standing fight to keep rebellion down, to keep society from revolting against those who want to be its masters. These “peace leaders” like Ghandi and Gene Sharp spread teachings, which are being used to kill uprisings by peace policing its participants. Though, those who scream the loudest about non violence, tend to never be the people on the front lines in the streets. They often attack other activists tactics, often peace policing them, often involving actual police as well, imposing violent state tactics.

Those who speak of Ghandi and his peaceful ways, often forget the beatings he and his followers received while fighting for freedom of India from England. They forget that 2500 people were beaten down, and never even defended themselves, in a protest over taxes on SALT. His followers these days have the idea of non violent protest as following orders. Organized civil disobedience working with the oppressors themselves. And why is that you ask? Because it’s merely street theatre, often not seen my many, if it gets coverage at all.

So what is the point of these non disobedient farces they call protests? Its to quell the anger of the masses. It’s another form of distraction. Its to suppress the people, and temporarily impede the desire for further action. We see this with the increasingly oppressive show of force by police on planned civil disobedience actions like this one at Walmart in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles. The police response was downright threatening. And this is not the only place this is happening, it is happening all across the country, and world for that matter.

If you haven’t noticed, in major cities, (and even a few smaller ones) police are becoming extremely militarized often wearing “tactical gear” such as helmets, and extra long batons. They hold less lethal weapons such as foam grenades, bean bags, rubber bullets, horses, mace, pepper spray, tear gas, and even flash grenades. They have tanks, and other intimidating assault vehicles. They show up in large gangs, riding in on the sides of panel trucks, often reminding us of storm troopers in their movements.

What do you think will happen when they beat the next round of peaceful protesters? It probably won’t be on the news, as they are protesting a major network sponsor. What do you prove to gain by telling people to not yell, to stay on the side  walks, to follow orders? I mean really, where the fuck has following orders gotten us anyway? Oh yeah, its gotten us separated from our communities, locked in our houses, scared to walk down the block, and when we do get fed up, we have people threatening us that we must conform to their way and idea of protest, otherwise they will impose state violence against us.

The next time someone mentions Gene Sharp or Ghandi, please, beat the shit out of them, and remind them they can’t fight back.


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