On the Sith Order Of Things and Lee Baca’s Doge

One dirty Sheriff down, too many more to go. #StopKillerCops #FreeThePrisoners

Anti Social Media

“This is the way of our Order. An individual may die, but the Sith are eternal.”
― Darth Zannah

Like a true Sith Lord, 16-year Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca didn’t assume leadership of his dark order until his mentor, Sheriff Sherman Block, was dead. But what the LA Times then lamented merely as, “the conversion of electoral politics into something akin to a corporate proxy fight,” was actually far more in keeping with the rules of the Sith Order than with some internecine, corporate squabble. As Darth Revan once prophetically intoned:

“Any master who instructs more than one apprentice in the ways of the dark side is a fool. In time the apprentices will unite their strengths and overthrow the master. It is inevitable; Axiomatic. That is why each master must have only one student.” 

So when the Sheriff allowed his long-serving Aide-de-camp, Paul Tanaka, to…

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