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Cats get clicks.

Been trying to write for months now, and I have a lot of inspiration, but a wall seems to have been formed when it comes to the words flowing through into a semi-coherent pattern.

A lot has happened over the past year, you may have seen a bit of the uglyness on this blog, if you missed out, the password for the locked posts is OLASM. Enjoy.

The past 2+ years have been a life changing experience to say the least, and it is so hard to put into words, put into a context where people will actually understand what has happened, what we we have been fighting for, what little changes we made, if any, ect. There is a lot that happened, and without context, a lot of it makes no sense, or comes off as uninteresting?

All around the world revolution is happening while Amerikkka sits on its ass getting fatter, watching their “programming”. I tell my friends I am out on the front lines, filming it LIVE, streaming breaking news as it happens, as it won’t be shown on TV.  They watch football, DWTS, or whatever distraction of the season is popular.

I went to see “The Square” tonight, which is the documentary about the Egyptian Revolution. I liked the film, and thought it was actually done quite well to give laymen an intro into what has been happening in Egypt over the past 3 years in Tahrir Square. I started following it before Occupy started, watching the reports on Al-Jazeera, and RT, wondering if the people here would ever wake up and take to the streets in a similar fashion. I was excited to see this film.

Watching the movie hit really lose to home in a lot of ways, yet we here in the US are lucky enough as protestors not to have live rounds fired on us for simply rallying, though we have been shot with less lethal rounds, tear gassed, had flash grenades launched at us, been beat by wooden and metal batons, and run over by horses, vehicles, and assault squads, so the feeling of solidarity was quite strong.

I don’t want to give anything away of the movie… I think you should watch it and make your own determinations.

I will say it was bizarre sitting in a super ritzy theater at the “Museum of Tolerance” surrounded by the rich white people we are fighting against in our own country, as well as in Israel. Most were stiff, motionless, emotionless. The couple next to me fell asleep, as gunfire rang out, and people on the screen screamed, and cried, sometimes their last cries, as the reality of death in the streets was well represented. I felt so detached from the other people in that room, knowing only a handful of people there had ever experienced the realities of revolution, and revolutionary times, and if they had, they gave them up when Vietnam ended. Myself and two comrades were some of the youngest people in the room, if not the youngest which in our late 20’s/ early 30s is astounding.

Do I hope this film opened some eyes. Sure. Did I think that the majority of the audience truly gets or appreciated the film? No.

Do I think it made some of them rethink their lives and check their privilege? We can only hope.

Has it inspired me to keep fighting? Hell yeah… I will never stop.


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