Death of the Dollar: Survive the Chaos


The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money. -Karl Marx

Money has proven to be the cause of many of the problems we face as a society, especially the lack of it. Every day people are denied housing, food, education, health care and other services due to lack of money. The unemployment rate in the United States is currently 8.1% which many fail to realize that this is only the people who receive benefits, it does not take count of the millions who are jobless without them.

The job market in this country is based on the service industry as we no longer manufacture very much in this country, and that includes producing food. We have allowed those jobs to leave our soil, to be taken to other nations, paid slave wages, so we can have a “cheaper product” and the corporation can make more money. This has destroyed many cities in this country that were based around industries such as manufacturing and farming.

With the failing economy, and rising unemployment rates, how do we move forward? How can we begin to change our own practices to begin to move aways from this desperate need for money? What can we do in our own lives that begin to transform the way we look at our needs, what they really are, and how we can meet these needs using minimal amounts of funding. Its about finding true sustainability in living.

Choosing to live more sustainable does not just mean being green, it means creating an environment for yourselves, your communities, that you can maintain healthy standards of living for little or no cost. I understand this is hard when we have to pay for everything, including water, but if we begin to change our own ways one step at a time, we can make the changes we need to, to be able to survive. Humans lived for thousands of years off the land, and without the modern luxuries of life.

Think about ways you can create some kind of sustainability for yourselves and your community. Look around your environment, donate, or sell what you do not need, material possessions will become worthless in time, start a garden if you have any space, even a windowsill garden. Recycle rainwater if you can, recycle your recyclables yourself, walk to the store instead of driving (buy local!), take the steps instead of the elevator, whatever changes you can make in your life to use less resources, and move away from money, the better, as sooner than later the dollar may be worthless, and then you will be struggling to figure out how to survive.

Right now far too many people only live to make money. Its time to stop letting money rule our lives.


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