Ending Selective Censorship

There are so many lies and misinformation being spread. The propaganda and programming affects us all on some level, and makes us complacent. This needs to end. The time for direct action is here. The problem is you need to pick and choose your battles wisely. Tearing down a fence to save people from getting tear gassed, shot, and beaten, then arrested is a amazingly powerful action. Taking down a fence because you are locked off city hall lawn seems futile as they will just put the fence back up, and we still do not have a “home”.

Since back in September when Occupy Wall Street got started, we have been presented by way of the Internet, (because main stream media isn’t allow to show it) images of extreme brutality against the people of the United States. This isn’t being done by some foreign invaders, but by the ones who are sworn to “Protect and Serve”. That leaves the question many protesters tend to ask the officers, “WHO DO YOU SERVE?” This extreme show of force is against protesters who peacefully stood up for their rights. These people were not throwing rocks, threatening violence, or anything of the sort. They were students, children, grandparents, religious leaders, judges, lawyers, and people of all races and cultures.

So now we are starting to see a divide. There are people who are talking about diversity of tactics, because they feel they can’t sit back and watch the violence on the people unfold. There are people who feel we should not fight back, or even have an offensive game plan, but at the same time, have never been in a violent conflict with police. Then you have the people who either have their own agenda, or an agenda they are being paid to carry out, which could actually put everyone in danger. Those are the people to watch out for, and they aren’t always a 6′ man in blackbloc attire.

What is Blackblock you ask? In my opinion it is different things to different people. There are the Blackblock Protesters, who are pretty much there to protect other protesters, draw attention to themselves to keep others from being targeted, or to create a diversion. There are blackbloc who work solely alone, under their own agenda, and do not care about the happenings, or many time the people around them. You also have the fake block in there, people who dress all in black, and are throwing things like cowards behind others, are not putting themselves at risk, but everyone around them instead. Those people are usually nihilists, and care about nothing but themselves. And last but not least, you have the Police/Feds who dress in Blackbloc, to incite rioting, break shit, and get others to follow. I am not saying everyone who breaks shit at a protest is a cop, but there is a good chance they may be.

I saw videos from Oakland, where the breaking of windows, and smashing of fences on their general strike day, were not led by protesters, but by strangers in black, who mysteriously were allowed out of a kettle, right through police lines. I was there on J28, where the Blackbloc used shields to protect the crowd from tear gas, less lethal rounds and flash grenades. If they didn’t stand at the front lines, and throw a little civil disobedience at the officers, many many people would have been hurt that day. If they hadn’t torn down the fences, a lot more than 400 people would have been arrested, beaten, and tear gassed that day.

We have to look at this situation by situation. We have to look at the amount of force being used against us, and I am sure most of us can agree that it is unjust. But when it is unjust, there seems to be no way of actually stopping this from occurring, as they will not arrest abusive officers. These abusers, MUST BE held accountable. The other day we were attempting to go to a public press conference, and very violently confronted by California Highway Patrol. They said we were not the public. We could not go into the press conference. Since when are the people not the public? Do you see a pattern here?

We have no rights. We cannot sit back and “Talk about it” because talking about it, is not helping anything. We need to start to fight the oppression of all human beings, of all peoples, and we can’t do it while arguing over the color of solidarity bracelets. Its time to get our priorities in order, its time to educate ourselves as to what is going on, and how we can stop it. We need to fight back, and fight for ourselves, but assuming we do, we need to be accountable for our own actions in doing so. Snatching your friends from the police does not make you seem “bad” in the eyes of the peaceful, but throwing a rock at an officer certainly does. Pick your battles, protect your comrades, whether they believe in you at that moment or not. And never bring violence upon the people, we must protect against it, not create it.

To all those on the front lines of J28, I love you guys. To all those who talk shit, and propose actions to make protesters seem violent, I have NEVER seen you on the front lines yourselves. All eyes are on you, waiting for you to make a move, as it seems right now your are not down for the cause, just down to put some of our best people in harms way. I am not cool with that, and neither should anyone else be. If you are not putting yourself at risk, but you feel free to coerce people into doing things that are potentially dangerous, it really makes me wonder, whose side you are on, and Who do you work for?

Thanks for reading my little rant. The US is becoming a police state before our very eyes. In order to get people to join us, to believe we can do this together, we need them to turn off the TV, and stop being fed lies. The mainstream media has put the spin on the protesters, rather than the violence being perpetrated by the police and other agencies. This needs to stop, and the record needs to be set straight. Unfortunately too many are still being “programmed” by the system. Its time to unplug them one by one.


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