We are all Security.

Its day 42, and this blog is written from my personal POV and account of what just went down here at the occupation.

I was down by the welcome tent, trying to figure out what other supplies were needed for the impending rain, and saw two of our peace patrol guys across the street speaking to the LAPD, there was one guy in handcuffs with them, and another standing there shouting.

I decided to be an observer, and stand and see what was going to transpire, and to wait to find out from our peace patrol what had happened. Instead, the man who was shouting, continued to shout at, and then aggressively approach the two officers, who were by that time shouting back at him. He threw his arms at the police, they blocked it, he tried again, and they attempted to take him into custody, he kicked away, and then tried to flee back into the occupation.

I was not going to allow this.

I started screaming out to stop him, and his description, and chased him myself, others also gave chase. The guy ducked through the maze of tents, and tried to ditch his striped jacket near the fountain box. The occupiers caught up and gathered around him.

I told the occupiers what I had seen. They agreed we needed to hand him over, back to the police. The police were walking away, we called the LAPD back, and surrounded the man causing trouble, and forced him into the hands of the police.

He tried to run, we pushed him back. The police sighted him with the lazer on a stun gun, a Mexican woman who seemed confused and did not speak English jumped in front of him, we got her back into the crowd. Some other officers arrived, confused at the mob, batons drawn, I yelled to them, “No, we are handing over the guy who assaulted the officer, we pushed him out of camp and do not want him here.” The officer looked relieved and turned to speak with the other officers.

A huge crowd had gathered, confused as to what has transpired, and those of us aware of the situation tried to explain, and disperse the crowd, but we all know how people like to look at a “scene” which it truly was with multiple cop cars and two helicopters flying over spotlighting the incident.

By the time the police helicopters left the news choppers were here. Who knows what corporate press will have to say about this, but this is a first hand account as to what happened, again, in my perspective as a witness.

A little background on the guy who just got arrested, he we just arrested charged, and let out of jail for harassing one of our food tent volunteers. Yesterday he got out, and he was here with a LIVE chicken, which I inquired with some officers as to the municipal code, and how we could get rid of him. The volunteer put a restraining order on the man. He was here anyway. We got rid of a problem.

What made me so excited about coming to write this blog is how well our community came together, and non violently assisted the police in handling a potentially dangerous assailant. Well over 50 people gathered around him and escorted him out of camp. Thank you to everyone who helped in this. This is how we will keep our camp safe. We are ALL security.


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