Ignoring it wont make it go away.

I sit here today in awe of what our society has become. I am in awe of those who claim to be proud to be an American, yet have never voted.

We are known as “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” yet in reality we are land of the slaves, and home of the zombie hoards. I watch people as a hobby, and from what I see and hear, I am so sad for this society as a whole. Everyone overlooks the corporate takeover of the USA, and other nations. They poo poo me when I mention that our public services are being sold off to private industry under the table. Privatization is  good they say.

Where did this country go wrong? When did we leave the path we were drawn and plunge off the cliff into our impending doom? This country is “For the people, by the People” but guess what? The people don’t care! They have become lazy and complacent.

We have the right to ask questions, to have an open governement, but we let them scare us into thinking we don’t have the right. Guess what? If you don’t like something you have the right to bitch about it in this country. You have the right to tell our government to stop, that you don’t like what they are doing. When did society forget that our government is there to SERVE the people? They work for US. We need to begin to take back our government and to get people elected who care about the people, not the corporate backers they are funded by.

Most of you have never written a letter to your local representative, and probably have no idea who they are, or what they stand for. You have no idea what various states have as far as individual governments, as each state is run differently.  You don’t know who the representatives in your town are, or what they stand for. I bet you have never been to a town meeting before either.

Did you ever think attending these open forums, meeting your representatives, getting involved in your local community is a huge start, and is much more important that “Insert Mindless TV show here”

To create “change” we need to change what we have been doing. We need to really take a step back and look at what the United States has become, and what we can do to recover from the tyranny imposed upon us. We have almost no rights, look up the patriot act, and the patriot act 2. Soon the only right you will have is the right to remain silent.

That is not something I will stand for.




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