I want real food, don’t you?

There is one true passion in my life, that is always there. That passion is food. I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to discover exotic foods and try new things. Food is a important part of everyones lives, as we all need it to survive. Unfortunately like clean air and water, food is also something that is taken for granted as something we will always have access to, and that it will always be safe to eat what is provided to you.

Well what if I told you that the food provided to you is already being genetically manipulated? That produce is being engineered to be resistant to insects and weed killer? “Thats a good thing though, right?” Does it sound healthy to you to eat a plant that kills insects that eat it, a plant that herbicide will not kill? Do you know why bugs die and this plant will not die when plant killer is applied?

Its because these plants are genetically engineered with insecticide and herbicide built right into their genetic makeup. Scientists have been working for years to “provide a more economically resourceful way to grow food” Yeah… right. Thats why the also genetically altered these seeds so the seeds from the plant it grows cannot reproduce, and you must buy more seeds from the corporation right? All of this tampering of your food is being done under the guise of making the food easier to grow, and maintain.

These foods are already readily available in your supermarket, and have been for years. They are already in your pantries, and being fed to the meat animals that are factory farmed in this country as well. Many of the things you eat daily have genetically modified ingredients, and you do not even know it. Think your safe if you eat organic? Think again! The US Gov recently passed legislation that allows GMO’s (genetically modified organism’s) to also be deemed ORGANIC! How genetically modified food is organic is beyond me.

We have to make a stand against this being done to our food, the major corporation behind this is currently attempting to control seed distribution world-wide. This is going to have dire consequences as it is already being proven that these crops can and do cross breed with local or organic plants of the same species. The cross pollination happens when insects go from flower to flower collecting pollen, and the pollen from the GMO is deposited on the organic plant. The GMO variations have proven to form in these plants from pollination.

“What can I do?” you ask? You can write to the Food and Drug Administration, And your state representative, and let them know you do not want to be eating GMO’s!

Check out the links and addresses below!


Consumer Affairs Branch (CBER)

(800) 835-4709

(301) 827-1800


    Division of Communication and Consumer Affairs 

    Office of Communication, Outreach and Development

    Food and Drug Administration

    1401 Rockville Pike

    Suite 200N/HFM-47

    Rockville, MD 20852-1448

Use the following link to get your local representatives address.


Share this info with family and friends as well, We must work to get this out there!


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