Protect your rights any means possible!

Here is a news story (with video!) from CNN about how a man in Atlanta had his phone taken, images deleted, and was assaulted by the police for recording them with his cell phone. The judge found it is perfectly within a citizens rights to record a cop in public view. I am happy to know we still have judges on the bench who are willing to protect our rights!

Where I come from we don’t fear cops. They are our family, friends, and neighbors. However in cities and as a ever growing trend it seems like from some reason many police officers see it as “Its us against them”. When did this become more important than “To serve and protect”?

I say change their minds about us. When you see an officer smile and say thank you. At least it will remind them we are all people.

And if you see someone’s rights being violated record it as someday that person may be you. We are letting our rights be taken away every day, don’t let the right to prove yourself or someone you love innocent be one of them!

We have already given up the right to no unwarranted search and seizure because of the patriot act, which in turn also kills your fifth amendment right to not incriminate yourself.

Now they are going after the right to bear arms. Those dangerous gun nuts might get us! Well what about those people who use guns to feed and protect their families? Taking away guns will alleviate violent crime as well as the war on drugs stopped drug use in america. Really all this will do is take guns out of the hands of responsible people who know how to use them.

So I ask that you protect the rights we still have and fight to get back the ones we have lost. Its time to WAKE UP!

*This post was done on a wordpress app for BB. I am still working out the kinks!

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